CFD modeling is a great tool in the flow science and engineering world—especially when you combine it with decades of experience and know-how. 

If you've been following along on our blog, you'll know that we recently demonstrated a bit of our CFD modeling expertise in some fun and unique ways.

If you missed those articles, fear not. The links are below. You can also subscribe to our blog and get the newest posts delivered right to your inbox. 

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Simulating Plasma Physics with CFD in Honor of Star Wars Day 

Since we can't talk about some of our recent projects in which we used CFD to analyze plasma (propriety information agreements and all), we did the next best thing.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics: Examining Guinness Bubbles

What good is it keeping all of our scientific knowledge bottled up? We decided to pop the top off of it and apply our CFD expertise to more social pursuits. 

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After 125 Years Of Physical Modeling Experience, What's Next?

By Dan Gessler and Andy Johansson



Even as numeric modeling gets more advanced, physical modeling remains an important, continually evolving aspect of hydraulic engineering.  

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