One of the things we pride ourselves in is our use and understanding of three dimensional computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling.

It comes from our long-standing history in understanding flow problems, first and foremost. When our flow expertise is coupled with new and constantly improving technology, our clients are the ones that benefit. Using CFD modeling effectively means we can often help clients solve problems in new and sometimes more efficient ways.

To give you a quick taste of what 3D CFD modeling can achieve, we broke this newsletter into four flavors: process improvements, engineering design, educational, and one of our personal favorites, fun with CFD. 

Bon appetit!

The Low Down on Low Loads and CFD Modeling

The use of CFD Modeling is helping power generators address unintended operational issues for low-loaded systems. This case study demonstrates how a wet flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) system was optimized for better efficiency and reliability, aided by CFD results. Read more

Featured Project

Developing 3D CFD models and conducting a series of simulations was part of the engineering design support given to the 26th Ward Waste Water Treatment Plant for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

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Webinar: 3D Computation Fluid Dynamic and Environmental Modeling

Three-dimensional CFD modeling provides valuable data that can apply to flood modeling, hydraulic structures, water quality, and more. Join presenters from around the globe as they demonstrate some of the newest capabilities using different 3D CFD applications. This webinar is free to attend. 

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Computational Fluid Dynamics: Examining Guinness Bubbles

This is an oldie, but goodie. Check out one of our more popular articles in which we used CFD to investigate the flow related phenomenon of sinking bubbles in a pint of Guinness. (Warning: this article may induce thirst.)

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A Mini-Mississippi River May Help Save Louisiana’s Vanishing Coast

A great article in The New York Times on a remarkable project by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of the State of Louisiana being designed by AECOM. The physical models Alden has created are part of the efforts to build land by reconnecting the Mississippi River to the wetlands in Louisiana. 

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