As we finalize this month's message, we are surrounded by scenes of pumpkins and autumn leaves...covered in snow. Yes, folks. It's Snow-tober in Massachusetts.

How's the weather where you are?

In this month's newsletter round-up, we are taking a look at unraveling the mystery of 316(b) compliance alternatives that require optimization studies. If that's not your thing, spend 15 minutes learning about the use of CFD as a Design Tool for Nature-Like Fishways. And if that's not your thing, maybe you have a marine renewable energy idea that you'd like to advance through a program like TEAMER. 

Whatever your thing may be, we're delighted to pop into your inbox to bring you a variety show of flow-related topics. Stay tuned and we'll do it again next month, "snow" matter what. 


Optimization Studies, the 316(b) Rule, and How It Affects You

Alden staff have been involved in all aspects of the §316(b) Rule for fish screening at cooling water intakes—a rule that advises facilities on how to implement or improve their fish screening technology. Yet, many operators struggle with understanding how to move forward, particularly when it comes to compliance measures, alternatives, and optimization studies.   

That's where we jump in to help.

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Alden Joins TEAMER Program

Alden is proud to be part of the Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research TEAMER™ Facility Network. The TEAMER program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and directed by the Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (POET). TEAMER's mission is to accelerate the viability of marine renewables by providing access to the nation’s best facilities and expertise in order to solve challenges, build knowledge, foster innovation and drive commercialization.

The second round of requests, RFTS2, opens on November 9.  

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See our large flume in action as part of testing that began this week. 


CFD as a Tool for "Nature-Like" Fishway Design

The decommissioning of the Saccarappa hydroelectric project required the design and implementation of modernized fish passage. Through the use of CFD modeling, our team helped to guide the engineering of the design. But the project was not as straight-forward as one would think. Making fish passage functional in a river that sees a wide range of flows required as much art as it did engineering. 

Watch the case study presentation. (Approximately 15 minutes)

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Rallying 'round the Presumpscot


New Patent Awarded to Members of Alden Team

Congratulations to our team and to Westfall Manufacturing for working to design and test a new (and now patented) static mixer.

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