Friendly reminder. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving this week and you don't know where your stretchy pants are, now would be a good time to find them.

On another note, November 28, 2019 is a date that marks the end of an era. Charles "Chick" Sweeney, Senior Technical Fellow at Alden, will be officially entering into retirement. Coincidentally, it's also a milestone birthday for Chick. Of course he planned it this way—he's been a respected multi-disciplinary expert for over 45 years.   

Read more about Chick and don't forget to leave a note to wish him well. 


Charles “Chick” Sweeney, P.E. Retires After 45 Years

To say he will be missed is an understatement. But lucky for you, you can say just that at the end of this article. Read more about Chick's career, including the decision he never regrets making.

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Cabinet Gorge Dam Total Dissolved Gas


Of the memorable projects in which Chick was involved, Cabinet Gorge Dam makes his short list. Chick's contribution to this project was as the lead hydraulic engineer for site selection and design of a tailrace fish trap targeting bull trout.

This project, however, initially went through several feasibility studies aimed at reducing high amounts of Total Dissolved Gas (TDG). Find out which design modifications ultimately helped this project meet FERC compliance standards.

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Let's see a show of hands. How many of you college football fans have caught a glimpse of Alden during your football Saturdays this fall? 

Hint: it helps if you're a fan of the SEC—in particular LSU. But it really helps if you're familiar with the Expanded Small Scale Physical Model we helped construct for the LSU Center for River Studies. 


Holiday Hours

Reminder that Alden will be celebrating Chick's retirement, Chick's birthday and the Thanksgiving holiday this week. 

Our offices will close at noon on Wednesday, November 27, and will remain closed November 28-29. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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