In 1929, during a period of rapid developments at the lab, Charles M. Allen wrote that Alden's motto was chosen as "When you are through changing, you are through." 

Fast-forward to 2020. As we enter our 126th year, change surrounds us at the lab—in the form of innovation. We continue to develop innovative and creative solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems, and it acts as a major motivation for our employees.

This edition of our newsletter gives you a quick glimpse into the kind of work that drives our Fisheries Engineering folks, including a two-part study for eel passage at hydropower projects.

Check it out. And let us know—what motivates you?

Modular and Scalable Fish Bypass Systems

Through funding made available by the U.S. Department of Energy, we conducted a series of studies ultimately aimed at providing safe and cost effective downstream passage of silver American Eels at hydropower projects. Read more

Fish-Safe Turbines Empower Small-Dam Hydro Projects


When Natel Energy wanted to test the fish-friendliness of two new blade designs for their Restoration Hydro Turbine, they called on our expertise to help. Read more

Eel Shining to Locate Upstream Passage Routes

Read how a low-tech, yet effective, method can be used establish the optimal location for eel passage facilities. Read More


Louisiana researchers tackle a changing Mississippi Delta


An effort to reconnect Louisiana wetlands to historical levels is taking place at Louisiana State University, where a 10,000-square-foot replica of the Mississippi Delta is now housed. Watch now

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