Sediment transport modeling—it's the phrase du jour at the lab. Maybe it's because of a certain model study that is currently in our large scale river modeling facility.

But being a temporary home to a scaled 2 mile section of the Mississippi River is only part of the reason. We see the influence sediment has in a wide range of studies and testing, whether it's storm water testing, pump station modeling, or 316(b) related compliance work.

Since helping to better predict and understand sediment movement and its impact on projects has kind of been our jam lately (or one of them), we thought we'd share some of our recent musings and activities with you. Groovy?



3 Benefits of Sediment Transport Modeling

Scaled physical and numerical modeling of sediment transport can provide better ways of understanding this naturally occurring process, including these three benefits...

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Got Sediment?

Real-world examples of sediment transport are all around us—sometimes in the most unlikely places. Need an example?  

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Walk This Way

Take a moment to de-stress. Watch this mesmorizing time-lapse clip of sediment as it "walks" in a sediment conveyance channel.

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Alden Hosts the 2019 John R. Freeman Lecture


Catch the recap of the an evening focused on “The Role of Models in the Design of the Lower Mississippi River Sediment Diversions.”

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