Chattahoochee River Whitewater Park Under Construction

A whitewater kayaking park on the Chattahoochee River modeled by Alden is now complete. A 1:12 scale physical hydraulic model was used to develop the final course design for the “finale” of the course which includes both a stationary wave-shaper and adjustable wave-shapers. The installation of the adjustable wave shaper has been completed and a live video feed of the wave can be found at the bottom of this page. The photos included here show the modeled wave shaper, and select construction photos.To see a video that covers the modeling done at Alden click here

To read about the National Marine Fisheries Service's (NMFS) opinion on the value of this project to fish population click here.
   Wave shaper prototype
Wave shaper in the model 
Wave shaper installation 

Wave shaper construction