Gas Flow Systems

Professional Engineering Design, Investigation, and Evaluation of Flow Related Phenomenon

Whether you're in biotech, pharmaceutical, or industrial processing—or you need to improve building and tunnel ventilation systems, liquid collection systems, or utility and industrial air pollution control equipment—we can help with your air, gas, or biological flow design needs. 

Our experts work with you to provide realistic cost effective solutions to help you achieve your performance goals, mitigate environmental impacts, and meet regulations responsibly by efficiently by optimizing your flow systems. We couple our technical expertise with laboratory modeling techniques and put state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamic modeling and/or traditional scaled physical modeling to work to help design reliable solutions to each project we tackle.

Examples of projects and applications include:

Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical
  • Biofuel fermentation tank design
  • Chromatography column design
  • Mixing tank design
  • Pre-cast concrete curing chambers
  • Fiberglass forming improvements
  • Glass manufacture quenching systems
  • Process heating/cooling/transport ductwork optimization
Nuclear Energy
  • Dry cask storage
  • Thermal-hydraulic analysis
Pollution Control
  • NOx, SOx, Hg, PM collection system design
  • Carbon capture and sequestration
  • Stack liquid discharge
  • Dust deposition and entrainment
  • System optimization and pressure loss reduction
  • Exhaust fume ventilation
  • Ventilation for odor control system sizing
  • Building and tunnel ventilation
  • Building and tunnel fire evaluation
"What they’ve done for others, the papers they’ve presented, the results we’ve seen - that’s what makes Alden leaders and why we use them."
Bob Butler Director of Process Development, Certainteed

No matter what your requirement is, our experts can help.

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