PSA: Keep storm drains cleared of leaves and debris to allow for proper drainage and to minimize flooding potential.

Announcements like this are aimed at keeping roadways and parking lots from turning into treacherous bodies of water. However, have you given any thought to what's below the surface? Not to brag, but we have. And we can thank the independent third-party testing we conduct on stormwater treatment devices here at the lab for that.

There is a science to verifying the performance of stormwater separator and filtration units, and the article below provides insight into how testing can demonstrate regulatory compliance before a unit is installed in the field. (This is your queue to keep reading...)



Stormwater Testing—Which Methods Work Best?

In the world of stormwater testing, a passionate debate exists that is on par with many of the world’s major sporting rivalries. This article discusses our research into the pros and cons of these two testing methods. 

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St. Vrain Diversion Structure Replacement


Forget about clearing leaves. A historic, five-day rainfall event that exceeds your annual average is going to create significant problems. Such was the case of this damaged Colorado diversion structure.

Check out the project details, including its accelerated repair timeline. 

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Q: What do you call a sunny day that follows two rainy days?

A: Monday

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