Converting to Wet Stack: Design, Economics, Operation, and Issues

On-Demand Webinar

Coal fired power stations know the importance of maximizing their operational efficiency and minimizing their emissions. Changing over to wet stack operation can bring economic and environmental advantages, but requires proper design to avoid major operational issues.

This webinar discusses the operating issues of wet stacks, details what is provided from a wet stack model study, and provides tips on maintenance of the wet stack liquid collection system. It also reviews the economic and environmental impacts of liner material and stack options available today, and discusses the process of having a glass borosilicate block liner system installed—complete with a case study of an existing stack that was converted to wet operation.

If you've ever asked yourself the following questions, this webinar is for you:

  • What can I expect when adding or converting to wet stack operation at my plant?
  • What do I get from a wet stack model study?
  • How important is the liner selection on stack design?
  • What impact does the installation quality have on my stack?
  • Should I have an on-site inspector?
  • What kind of maintenance is needed for a wet stack?