We are excited to announce that Alden has joined the Round Table Capital ("RTC") sponsored national platform of companies.

This alliance of companies offer complementary and professional services from across the US and reaches into industrial, real estate, energy, technology, water resources, transportation, and government sectors.

Alden deepens the expertise offered by this group of like-minded companies. But more importantly, it means we can leverage this platform to tap into more experience and resources to further enhance and expand our ability to help you, our valued clients and colleagues. 

In short, it's business as usual at Alden—only with added capabilities.

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Alden To Attend Clean Currents

Join us in Atlanta for the all-new, official waterpower tradeshow + conference of the National Hydropower Association—promoted by North American waterpower to benefit the industry.

Our team will make their home base in booth 636. Find us there or taking part in several conference sessions, including the Innovation Power House. 

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Broadening our understanding of multi-disciplined fluid mechanics to help clients develop technology that ultimately helps others is what we do on a daily basis.

Below are two topics that demonstrate our commitment to innovation and discovery—topics we will also be able to discuss at Clean Currents, if you're interested.



Nanobubble Research

It started with simple curiosity, but the more we learn about their unique properties, the more excited we get about nanobubbles. 

Our team has been looking into the application of these tiny forces of nature, including what they could mean to the hydropower industry, how they might benefit aquaculture, or be used for oil spill remediation

The possibilities are endless, and we are just getting started. 



Grout Performance Testing

We've partnered with Southern Company to develop a first of its kind approach to evaluate grout mix design performance at Logan Martin Dam.

Best of all, if others want to test grout mix designs, the Alden/Southern team is open to making that happen. 

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Building 24 on Alden's Holden, Massachusetts campus has hosted an impressive collection of models throughout the years. Take a peek inside this large laboratory space.

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