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One of the buildings on our Holden campus is nearly filled with scientifically useful and visually beautiful design tools (aka hydraulic models). Their purpose? To evaluate flow patterns for any negative impacts under an array of operating conditions so that clients can ensure expected performance, reduce maintenance and increase their project's lifespan. 

Take a look for yourself and venture a guess as to how many models are running in this video.

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Watch as Jenna Rackovan, Fisheries Biologist at Alden discusses what motivated her and her team to apply for the The American-Made Challenges® Fish Protection Prize.

She and another team from Alden are preparing to present their innovations to a panel of judges in a "Shark Tank" style presentation during the Prize's PITCH Contest.

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From self-driving cars to 3D scanners, LiDAR technology can "see" its surroundings in incredible detail. Among the myriad uses, the high resolution data provided by LiDAR has beneficial engineering applications, specifically the creation of detailed hydraulic models.

"See" for yourself, including interactive before and after images. 

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The American Fisheries Society Virtual Annual Meeting

September 14-25, 2020

Alden staff will be presenting on topics relating to Downstream Passage for Silver American Eels, as well as CFD as a Tool for Design of an Innovative, Nature-like Fishway.

Fish Protection Prize finalists will also be presenting to a panel of judges during this event. Go Alden teams!

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Day of Service: Alden Stream Clean-Up at Chaffins Brook

September 19, 2020

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Join us in support of the AFS Virtual Stream Cleanup Event. Staff and volunteers will gather to clean up Chaffins Brook, the stream that has provided water for many of Alden's testing capabilities since the lab opened in 1894. Details here, including how to sign up.

Need something closer to you? AFS encourages you to lend a hand at any local waterway. Find out more here


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