Our staff remains quite busy with various modeling, testing, and design engineering efforts. Many of us are looking forward to several large field studies that will soon begin. But no one is likely more excited about getting back into the field than one of our fisheries biologists. Thanks to the pandemic, her work has shifted away from in-person and on-site studies to safer and socially distanced desk work. She's missed the part of her job that requires lots of interaction with fish and she's eager to get back to what she loves. That story is below.

There will be plenty more on tap in the coming months. Stay tuned. In the meantime, follow along on our website and social media channels. 


A Fisheries Biologist Gets Antsy

One of Alden's Fisheries Biologists shares her passion for protecting fisheries resources and explains the work done to ensure they are around for generations to come. 

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CFD Validation of Dry Cask Storage

Working with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Alden has written two NUREG/CR documents that describe how CFD should be used to demonstrate compliance with dry cask storage temperature limits. The latest document, Validation of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Method Using Horizontal Dry Cask Simulator Data, was published in late December.

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Upcoming Dates

Join us February 10 for “Indoor Environment Modeling for Pandemic Resiliency WITH LIVE Q&A” at ASHRAE's 2021 Virtual Winter Conference. This seminar will present different modeling options for different scenarios within ventilated spaces that can be used for the goal of protecting people from airborne viruses  


We will also be participating in the Northwest Hydroelectric Association's Annual Conference—Hydro Camp—February 17-18, 2021, as well as the 2021 Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, March 3-5, 2021

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Don't forget, if you're interested in having a virtual technical seminar with one of our experts, simply contact us! We'd be happy to work with you to tailor a presentation around your group's interests to keep the important exchange of engineering ideas and informal professional development flowing. 

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Alden Co-Op Program

Do you know an undergrad engineering student seeking a co-op opportunity? Our Holden, Massachusetts location has two openings for the spring semester within our Fluid Systems Performance and Hydraulic Modeling groups. 

We are also actively seeking applications for summer and fall semester co-ops. 

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