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Philip S. Stacy

Director of Flow Meter Calibration Services

Phil is a mechanical engineer with many years of experience in the flow meter calibration field.  Phil worked at Alden as a hydraulic engineer before becoming director of Alden’s Flow Measurement (Calibration) Department  in 2007. He has conducted a variety of model studies, field flow, and head measurements, and is the technical lead for field performance measurements of hydraulic turbines and pumps, applying the various code accepted methods of flow measurement. Phil’s field work includes cooling water pump and hydraulic turbine performance measurement using current meters and the dye dilution method.

Areas of Expertise: Flow meter calibration using the gravimetric method; performance tests of pumps, valves and flow control equipment; field flow measurement using current meters and the area-velocity method and dye-dilution method; field performance measurement of pumps and hydraulic turbines.