Numerical Modeling

Alden uses a variety of numerical modeling techniques to analyze single and multiphase flow phenomena of concern to our customers.  

Tools used range from 1-dimensional piping network codes up to 3-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools.  

Alden's experienced engineers have the knowledge to choose the simplest tool that will accurately and adequately answer the question of concern to our industrial clients.  This level of understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all the analytical techniques at our disposal (including physical modeling) allows us to maximize the cost to benefit ratio by using the right tool or, in many cases, the right combination of tools.  

 Typical numerical modeling efforts include the optimization of:

  • Hydraulic structures
  • Fish passage systems
  • Gas flow ducting and ventilation systems
  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Nuclear safety systems
  • Pump intakes and wet wells
  • Cooling water intake structures
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Process equipment 
  • Riverine sediment transport
  • Thermal plume dispersion
  • Coastal structures
  • Conventional and hydrokinetic turbines