Hooper Low Reynolds Number Facility

Alden's original flow calibration facility, constructed over 100 years ago, still operates as the Hooper Facility. Flow is supplied from a 150-acre reservoir through a 40-inch penstock, which provides a static head of 15 to 28 ft depending on test line location. Water temperature varies seasonally from 32° to 75°F.  Low water temperature in combination with low differential heads measurable due to the low noise gravity flow allow low Reynolds number testing.

Test line capabilities:

  • Lines 1 and 2 are for equipment up to 16 inch diameters with flows up to 6,000 gpm provided by a 250 HP pump and a 50,000 lb capacity weigh tank
  • Line 3 has an ASME stainless steel Venturi as a secondary standard to accommodate meters up to 60 inch diameters with flows up to 35,000 gpm at a total head of 28 ft
  • Line 4 accommodates equipment to 8 inch diameters with flows of 1,200 gpm utilizing two 25 HP pumps with 1,000 and 10,000 weigh tanks