Allen High Reynolds Number Facility

The Allen Facility recirculates water from a 200,000 gallon sump.  Unique to a facility of its size, the sump water is maintained at an elevated temperature to reduce its viscosity.  Because kinematic viscosity is a strong function of water temperature, the Allen Facility achieves relatively high test Reynolds numbers. Three weigh tanks are available to all test lines in the Allen Facility, with 100,000 lb; 10,000 lb; and 1,000 lb capacities.  

Two high capacity test lines accommodate equipment up to 42 inches in diameter with a maximum length of 72 ft. Runout flow is approximately 20,000 gpm with a shutoff head of 60 psi. A third and fourth set of high head lines can accommodate equipment sizes from fractional inches to about 8 inches in diameter, with a maximum length of 70 ft and about 4,500 gpm at runout with a shutoff head of 150 psi. A fifth high pressure test line is also available with a maximum flow of 100 gpm at 1200 psi.