Featured Publications by Alden Staff


Nuclear Safety


Air Ingestion and Transport Testing in a Rotating Drum Raw Water Strainer


Hydraulic Modeling of Air-Entraining Vortex Formation During Flow Withdrawal from Water Storage Tanks


Experimental ECCS Sump Strainer Head Loss Testing and the Incorporation of CFD Computed Source Terms for Pressurized Water Reactors


Pump Intakes


Advancements in Hydraulic Modeling of Cooling Water Pump Intakes in Power Plants

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Cooling Tower Pump Intake Design Related to Hydraulic Performance


Water and Wastewater


Taking Redesign Head On


Spillway Modeling


How to Ensure Spillway Efficacy and Safety at Hydropower Dams


Hybrid Numerical and Physical Hydraulic Model Study of Canton Dam Spillway


Fossil Power Systems


Wet Position Booster Fans for Reduced Power Consumption and Optimized Environmental Performance of Power Stations with FGD and Wet Stack

A Review of the New EPRI-CICIND Revised Wet Stack Design Guide


Fish Protection


Determining the Best Methods for Reducing Fish Mortality


Intake Design for Minimizing Debris Blockages and Impacts to Fish


Fish Passage


Development and Status of Downstream Passage Technologies Designed for Sturgeon


Environmentally Enhanced Turbines Allowing for Safer Fish Passage

Survival and Behavior of Fish Interacting with Hydrokinetic Turbines

Upstream Passage Assessment of American Shad Using 3D Acoustic Telemetry

Estimating Total Passage Survival for Fish Migrating Downstream at Hydropower Projects