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Deep Breath: The Impact of Alden's Work on Power Plant Emission Controls
Each year, National Engineers Week falls on the week of February 22 — George Washington’s actual birthday—in part to commemorate a man who is considered the nation’s first engineer. But not only that, the week is meant to highlight the contributions engineers have made to the world as we know it. Just think about that for a minute as you read this on a display screen that wouldn’t exist if not for engineering ingenuity. The list of accomplishments engineers have made to our society and the history books is massive. From our perspective, we can highlight many areas in which Alden engineers have contributed to the annals of history. From testing airplane propellers and missile ballistics to the work on dam safety and fish passage and protection programs, we’ve had a hand in shaping our world throughout our 125 years of continual operation. But trying to find a singular project to discuss for this week? That task is nearly impossible. So, that’s when I asked Dave Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer to weigh in.  Besides wanting to ...