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The Hidden Costs of Data Storage in an Enterprise –– Over the years, end users have expressed the general concern that data management isn’t worth their time.  In all fairness, this misconception is understandable due to the inexpensive and continually decreasing cost of consumer-grade disk drives.  Ultimately, firms should work towards changing that mindset because the true cost is far greater in an enterprise’s production environment.  To identify the associated costs, I have prepared the following analysis of raw storage consumption, performance impacts, and resources needed to store data in a locally-hosted Microsoft Windows server environment. Raw Storage Needs for a 1GB File in a Sample Production Environment FIGURE 1 Referencing Figure 1, a 1GB file not only consumes raw storage across multiple storage platforms (e.g. local storage, backup volumes, etc.), but at a higher quantity than in its original form.  This is a direct result of high availability and fault tolerance achieved when using a Redundant Array of Independent Disks, better known as RAID.  One requirement for this essential feature with ...