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Takeaways from the Alden Forum 2017: Hydropower and Fish Passage
On May 17-18, Alden hosted a forum on hydropower and fish passage that was attended by more than 45 industry, state and federal agency, and NGO representatives.  The forum focused on fish passage issues typically encountered at projects in the Northeast and Southeast U.S.  It was particularly timely because the relicensing of 231 hydropower projects will occur throughout the U.S. between 2018 and 2025, with an additional 100+ projects to be relicensed between 2026 and 2030.  More than half of these projects are located in the Northeast and about 30% are located in the Midwest and South.  All of the projects will need to address a variety of environmental issues associated with their operation and, in many cases, mitigation alternatives will need to be developed to reduce or minimize impacts to affected resources.  The two most prevalent environmental issues addressed during relicensing typically are instream flows and fish passage.  Fish passage can be problematic with respect to biological, engineering, and project operation considerations. It can also be very costly.  Based on these issues, the goal of the Forum was ...