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Fluid Dynamics Hobbies IV: Archery
For many employees at Alden, fluid dynamics is part of their life outside the office--in the sports they choose for their free time.  In many cases, a sport was what came first and later helped inform a career choice in fluids and fluid flow.  This ongoing series features some of the various and unique ways our employees spend some of their non-working hours and how CFD and fluid flow analysis is being used to improve techniques used in those sports.   Part IV: Archery - Duncan Phyfe   Duncan Phyfe, a senior CFD engineer at Alden, started enjoying archery thanks to his mother.  She was one of the riflery coaches at Choate-Rosemary Hall prep school.  When the school needed an archery instructor, they assumed she could do it, since she already knew how to get one type of projectile to hit a target!  So Duncan has been shooting arrows since he was about 6 years old.   When Duncan was 10 years old, he started attending The World Archery Center (TWAC), and that is when he started to learn the physics and aerodynamics of archery. ...