Retirement Reception for Doug Dixon

Retirement Reception for Doug Dixon

Alden held a retirement reception for Doug Dixon to honor and thank him for his many contributions, hard work, and tireless efforts over the past 20+ years in helping the power industry deal with regulatory requirements for fish passage and protection at hydropower dams and cooling water intakes.  Doug was instrumental in expanding the science and knowledge of fish passage and protection technologies as a project manager at EPRI.  Having worked with Doug and his EPRI colleagues on many engineering and biological studies, Alden was honored to have the opportunity to thank him for his years of service and wish him well in his retirement.   In addition to Alden staff, many friends and colleagues who have worked with Doug during his tenure at EPRI attended the event.

As a special recognition, Stu Cain presented Doug with a plaque commemorating his contributions to the development of Alden’s large fish testing flume (Taft Fisheries Research and Test Facility) and the performance of the many studies that have been conducted in the flume for EPRI.  A plaque identical to the one given to Doug will be permanently displayed next to the flume in the Taft Facility.

 Congratulations, Doug!  We wish you well and good luck with all of your future endeavors (beekeeping, winemaking, and lots of fishing).


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