Alden Water


Comprehensive Flow Solutions to Complex Hydraulic Problems

Alden works diligently to solve complex flow problems related to water supply, distribution, conveyance, control, and wastewater treatment. We work closely with municipalities, utilities, regulators and engineering firms to support plant design, design changes and to address operational concerns. 

Expertise offered by Alden includes:

Hydraulic Design

• Canals, Conduits and Conveyance Structures

• Pump Stations

• Intake and Discharge Structures

• Water Treatment Components

    Flow Meter Calibration 

    316(b) and 316(a) Sections of the Clean Water Act

    Flood Modeling

    Hydraulic Modeling

    • Physical Modeling
    • Numeric Modeling

    Hydraulic Testing of Storm Water BMP and other technologies

    Field Testing


    Studies related to water supply, treatment, flow measurement and environmental impact are conducted by our Hydraulic Modeling and ConsultingEnvironmental and Engineering Services, and Flow Meter Calibration departments.