Efficiency in Manufacturing through Flow and Heat Transfer Modeling

Flow and heat transfer problems in manufacturing operations can result in extended product line downtime, poor product quality and increased expenditures for consumables.  Alden has helped our manufacturing clients reduce line downtime, increase product quality and reduce consumables through predictive flow and heat transfer modeling.  Alden recognizes that small savings in consumables can substantially increase profit margins and the ability to predict and correct problems before they impact production is invaluable. 

We partner with our manufacturing clients to not only address their flow problems but also improve their processes through targeted research and development.  All work conducted on projects is highly confidential and all ideas and techniques developed by Alden during the course of the project remain the intellectual property of our clients.

In addition to improving the fluid dynamic and heat transfer processes, Alden recognizes that process emissions control problems can erode our client’s bottom line.  Alden works closely with our manufacturing clients and state and federal regulators to ensure compliance with emission standards while minimizing cost impacts.

Alden’s Gas Flow Systems Engineering department as well as our Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting department have extensive experience working with the manufacturing industry.  

Alden Industrial and Manufacturing Experience

  • Fiberglass Mat Manufacturing                                                                         
  • Food Processing
  • Biomedical                                                                                                        
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Electronics Manufacturing                                                                              
  • Aircraft Coatings
  • Glass Manufacturing                                                                                       
  • Molded Part Manufacturing