Alden Provides Environmentally Sustainable Engineering Solutions

At Alden we believe that our environment is a gift to be preserved for future generations. Clean water, clean air, sustainable land and protection for the species with which we share these resources is in some way a part of every study conducted at Alden and is the primary focus of many of our projects.

Alden has a rich history working with our clients and regulators to ensure safe passage of aquatic species around hydroelectric facilities and exclusion of species from the cooling water intake and discharge regions of thermal power plants and manufacturing facilities. Studies related to Sections 316(b) and 316(a) of the Clean Water Act, in addition to fish passage at hydropower facilities, form the basis for much of the work conducted in our Environmental Engineering and Services department.

We also recognize that the global supply of clean water is finite. Alden works diligently to solve complex flow problems related to water supply, distribution, conveyance and waste-water treatment. Advanced tools including numeric modeling, scaled physical modeling and component testing are used to address the most challenging problems and develop robust, cost-effective solutions. Water can also negatively impact our society through uncontrollable flooding and associated transport of debris and sediment. Alden has many staff members who study the impacts of flooding events and use the available tools to predict and control sediment transport. Studies related to water and waste-water are conducted by our Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting department.

Clean air is also finite.  

Air pollution regulations are continually evolving and Alden’s Gas Flow Systems Engineering department works closely with clients to ensure that emissions from their power plants or manufacturing processes meet these dynamic standards. Flow modeling of emissions control equipment before it is installed in the plant ensures optimal operation and reliable performance in meeting emissions goals.

Alden continues to work with our clients to preserve and protect the global environment.