Alden Nuclear Industry Consultants

Nuclear Power

Over Fifty Years of Experience in the Nuclear Power Industry

Nuclear Power generation  provides approximately twenty percent of the power consumed in the United States and nearly sixteen percent globally.  

It is widely recognized as a zero green-house gas emissions energy source however, a long-standing debate regarding the safety of this type of power generation has tempered its development and deployment.

Alden has been working with Utilities, Regulators and Engineering firms since the 1960’s to support plant design, design changes and address operational/safety concerns.  

Alden offers expertise to the Nuclear industry that includes:

  • Thermal Hydraulic Systems Analyses
  • Physical and Numeric Modeling of Power Plant Components and Systems
  • Cooling Water Intake and Discharge Structures
  • Condenser Tube Sheets
  • RWST, BWST and CST Drawdown
  • Hydraulic Component Testing
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Flow Meters
  • Flooding Analyses and Modeling
  • Storm Surge Modeling
  • Testing and Analytical Support for Resolution of GSI-191
  • Testing and Evaluation of LOCA debris deposition in Nuclear Fuel
  • CWIS fish protection technology design, development, and evaluation
  • Laboratory and field studies of fish protection and passage technologies

Nuclear Power Industry Leadership

Alden participates in many nuclear power professional organizations taking an active role in shaping the regulations that govern this important form of energy generation.  Work in the Nuclear industry is conducted by Alden’s Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting, Flow Meter Calibration, Gas Flow Systems Engineering and Environmental Engineering and Services departments.

Alden maintains a full nuclear quality assurance program that meets the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B and 10CFR21. The program has been audited and accepted by both utilities and other nuclear service providers. We are also a member of Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee.