Fossil Power

Flow and Biological Related Fossil Power Support

The majority of the world’s energy is generated through the combustion of fossil fuels. Alden is a leading supplier of flow and biological related technical support to the fossil fueled power generation industry. 

For over 70 years, Alden has worked hand in hand with utilities, OEM’s, A&E firm, and governmental agencies to provide realistic cost effective solutions to their flow and biological related problems. 

Alden has also helped these firms achieve performance goals, mitigate environmental impacts, and meet regulations responsibly and efficiently through the optimization of gas flow and water related systems. 

Expertise offered by Alden include:

System Design Optimization

Aquatic Life Protection

  • Water Intake Fish Protection Technology Design, Development, and Evaluation
  • Laboratory and Field Studies of Fish Protection, Passage, and Exclusion Technologies
  • Pilot Studies
  • 316(b) Evaluations
  • Component Testing and Optimization
  • Field Testing and Data Gathering 

Gas Flow Systems

  • Physical and Numeric Modeling of Power Plant Systems
  • Power Plant System Modeling and Optimization (Fans, Burners, Ducting, APC Equipment, Stacks) Injection System Modeling and Optimization
  • Heat Transfer Modeling and Analysis
  • Component Testing
  • Field Testing 

 Hydraulic Systems

Studies performed for Fossil Power Generation sector are conducted by Alden’s Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting, Flow Meter Calibration, Gas Flow Systems Engineering, and Environmental and Engineering Services departments.