Gas Flow Engineering

Alden’s gas flow systems engineering service area has been a recognized leader in resolving fluid dynamics challenges in industrial, utility, and other process gas flow systems using the tools of computational and physical flow modeling (cold flow modeling). The team has over one hundred and forty years of combined flow modeling experience and has developed an extensive list of satisfied clients.

Projects include the following types of equipment

    Air Pollution Control Equipment
    • Wet and dry stacks
    • ESPs
    • Baghouses
    • SCR systems
    • Flue gas desulfurization systems
    • Mist eliminators
    Complex duct systems
    • Air heaters, heat exchangers, condensers
    • Fans and blowers
    Boiler systems
  • Manufacturing and process industry equipment
  • Ventilation equipment
    • Tunnel systems
    • Industrial buildings
    • Hoods

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