Alden Facilities

Alden offers a breadth and scope of services not typically found within one company.  Conceptual design, detailed design, biological/fisheries studies, analytical modeling, CFD, field measurements, physical modeling, precision flow meter calibrations, and field testing are all available.

Our Holden, Massachusetts facility, situated on 32 acres, has over 150,000 square feet of enclosed space available for physical water and air models, fish testing flumes and basins, and dedicated equipment for complex CFD simulations. Approximately twenty buildings are equipped with flow sources and control devices for conducting hydraulic modeling, fish testing, air/gas flow modeling, and numerous other types of flow testing. Fully equipped and staffed carpentry, machine, and instrumentation shops provide rapid and efficient project support. Fixed facilities providing water flow and an inventory of movable flow-related equipment are located on the premises (e.g., pumps, valves, meter devices, fish screens). 

Our Redmond, Washington facility has over 30,000 square feet of laboratory space for  executing physical model studies as well as dedicated equipment for performing complex CFD simulations.  Advanced instrumentation including LDV, PIV and ADV for flow measurement are under constant development and use on projects. 

Our Portland, Oregon and Ft. Collins, Colorado offices support both analytical and CFD modeling activities.  Strategically located near many of our client’s centers of operation, Alden can respond quickly and in-person to our client’s needs.

Alden Technical and Engineering Facilities 

• Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting

• Environmental and Engineering Services

• Fish Holding

• Gas Flow Systems Engineering

• Flow Meter Calibration