Nuclear Industry Check Valve User Group

Non-Intrusive Technology (NIT) Training at Alden

August 22-24, 2017
 Holden MA

Alden hosted a check valve training session for the NIC (nuclear industry check valve user) group for the demonstration and training on the use of non-intrusive valve diagnostic equipment. Alden constructed a pipe loop to provide flow through four check valves with sizes varying between 2” and 16”. The loop was equipped with the capability to run heated water. Valves of various designs (swing, double door, piston check, globe check) were loaned to Alden by various manufacturers including FlowServe and BNL Industries. Four vendors: Areva, Crane, IHI Southwest, and APS/Palo Verde provided their equipment and expertise to all attendees. The diagnostic technologies included thermal, acoustic, and magnetic imaging. The training session ran over three days with each diagnostic being applied to each valve twice under varying operating conditions so that typical plant trouble shooting steps could be demonstrated under realistic conditions. Alden always looks for opportunities to get more closely involved in assisting nuclear power plants in day to day operations. The training loop provided an excellent platform for meeting plant personnel and discussing the merits of in-situ plant testing, as well as the associated advantages and disadvantages relative to laboratory testing.