Innovative Fish Passage Workshop 2018
Hydropower and Fish Passage

October 16-17, 2018
University Place Hotel & Conference Center
310 SW Lincoln St, Portland, OR 97201

Registration includes continental breakfast and lunch on both days and a networking social at the end of the first day.

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The need for effective upstream and downstream fish passage at hydropower dams is a major issue confronting natural resource agencies and project owners worldwide. In the US, fish passage goals and regulatory requirements vary by region due to differences in target species and life stages and the presence of endangered and/or threatened species.  For project owners, the costs associated with the installation and operation of passage facilities are also a major concern.  Despite many advancements over the past 50 years, the need for innovative approaches to pass fish upstream and downstream of hydro dams in ways that are safe, timely, effective, and economical is greater than ever.  Many government agencies, universities, tribes, non-profits, and private companies are expending considerable resources to develop innovative approaches to fish passage that meet the biological needs of affected fish populations while minimizing cost and impacts to power generation. 

The Innovative Fish Passage Workshop is being held to facilitate the dissemination of information associated with recent advancements in upstream and downstream fish passage, including our understanding of fish behavior, development of unique engineering approaches, and advancements in hydraulic modeling techniques and technologies/methods for evaluating fish passage performance (both biological and engineering).  The workshop will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together to listen and learn and have important discussions on what is needed to facilitate innovation, identify knowledge gaps, and develop research priorities.

Workshop sessions will include:

  • Status of fish passage research programs (federal, non-profit, tribes, industry)
  • Assessment of turbine injury/survival and development of fish-friendly designs
  • Downstream passage technology design and performance
  • Upstream passage technology design and performance
  • Fish passage performance and monitoring techniques
  • Panel discussion to discuss development and application of innovative fish passage solutions

Speakers and Panel Participants will include representatives from federal resource and regulatory agencies, tribes, project owners, and fish passage consulting and engineering design companies.


CO-LOCATED EVENT: LIHI Hydropower Forum and Networking Social

In conjunction with the Innovative Fish Passage Workshop, the Low Impact Hydropower Institute will be hosting a Hydropower Forum where panelists will share thoughts on development and operations common not only to LIHI Certified facilities, but all hydropower businesses. Subjects will include risk management, regulatory issues, and environmental stewardship. A networking social will be held after the forum, which will be held at the end of the first day of the workshop.

Hotel Accommodation Details

All travelers booking a room at the workshop will need to call in their reservations to the University Place Hotel & Conference Center at 1-866-845-4647 and reference Alden Lab. 

It is important to reserve the room by the cutoff date of
September 20, 2018.
Attendees will receive the discounted rate October 15, 16, and 17th.
Room Rates:
Standard King: $110.00
Comfort King:  $127.00
Standard Double: $110.00
Standard double comfort: $127.00
Parking Rates:
Hourly: $3.00
Daily: $12.00
Shipping and receiving:
Materials shipped to the hotel, no earlier than three (3) days prior to check in.


FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact:

Steve Amaral,

508-829-6000 ext. 6415


Shari Dunlop,

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