Webinar: Converting to Wet Stack. Design, Economics, Operation, and Issues

Date: September 20, 2017
Time: 7:00 am EDT (4.30 pm IST)
Duration: 60 minutes

It is more and more important for coal fired power stations to maximize their operational efficiency and minimize their emissions. Changing over to wet stack operation can bring economic and environmental advantages, but requires proper design to avoid major operational issues. The webcast discussed operating issues of wet stacks, detailed what is provided from a wet stack model study, provided tips on maintenance of the wet stack liquid collection system, reviewed the economic and environmental impacts of liner material and stack options available today, discussed the process of having a glass borosilicate block liner system installed, and presented a case study of converting an existing stack to wet operation.


  • Alden Research Laboratory  - World-leading wet stack design expert and author of the EPRI Revised Wet Stack Design Guide (www.aldenlab.com)
  • OUC Stanton Energy Center – Utility operating wet stacks for over xxx years (www.ouc.com/environment-community/green-initiatives/stanton-energy-center)
  • STEAG Energy Services – Power plant owner and leading service provider to power plants worldwide (www.steag-energyservices.com)
  • Hadek Protective Systems – Worldwide supplier of protective lining systems for power plant chimneys and ducts (www.hadek.com)


  • Economical and environmental advantages when converting to wet stack operation
  • Basic wet stack design to improve wet operation
  • Impacts of liner material selection
  • Liquid collection and drainage system design
  • Importance of proper liner and LCS installation for wet performance
  • Maintenance of the LCS
  • Wet stack operational problems
  • Plume downwash impacts and design to mitigate


  • Utility engineers and project managers
  • A&E engineers and project managers
  • Chimney provider engineers, project managers
  • Liner provider engineers, project managers, inspectors

Questions that were answered:
What to expect when adding or converting to wet stack operation at your plant. What you get from a wet stack model study. How important is the liner selection on stack design? What impact does the installation quality play? Should you have an on-site inspector? What type of maintain is needed on a wet stack.