tim grant

Environmental and Engineering Services

Alden’s Environmental and Engineering Services group is widely recognized as being highly effective in resolving flow and fisheries related environmental issues associated with FERC licensing and NPDES project permitting.

Our scientists and engineers have designed and evaluated numerous types of fish protection systems for water intakes as well as upstream and downstream fish passage facilities at dams and hydroelectric facilities. In addition to optimizing biological performance, the Group specializes in resolving O&M problems associated with intake screening such as debris management, icing, siltation, and head loss using a multidisciplinary approach combined with physical and computational flow modeling and testing.

Alden’s solutions maximize the benefits received from the costs invested in meeting compliance. 

Specific areas of expertise include: 

  • CWA §316(b) fish protection technology assessments, including engineering, cost, and biological effectiveness evaluations
  • Strategic planning for §316(b) compliance
  • CWIS fish protection technology design, development, and evaluation
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Licinsing support and agency consultation
  • Upstream and downstream fish passage design and evaluation
  • Laboratory and field studies of fish protection and passage technologies  
  • Pilot studies
  • Turbine and pump fish entrainment and mortality studies
  • Theoretical turbine and pump fish survival predictions
  • Hydraulic design and model studies
  • Resolution of O&M problems (e.g., icing, siltation, biofouling, and debris)
  • Fish-friendly hydro turbine design
  • Design, development, and testing (biological and operational performance) of hydrokinetic and waver power technologies