Innovation and Results - A Team Approach

Alden's engineering and scientific staff at Alden are highly motivated and highly educated individuals. The majority of the team holds Master's and Doctorate degrees in Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineering or the Biological Sciences.  Alden nurtures a stimulating, productive, safe work environment; constantly encouraging each member of the team to grow both professionally and personally. We are committed to developing our staff to become company and industry leaders. At Alden, we clearly recognize that our team is our most valuable asset. Please visit COMMITTEE PARTICIPATION to see contacts for Alden staff currently serving on industry committees.

Alden's Mission Statement

Alden will be the recognized leader in solving flow-related engineering and environmental problems. In this role, Alden will-

  • Support the World’s environmental and energy future through independent evaluation and optimization of new and existing technologies;
  • Provide practical value-added solutions to industry and government agencies;
  • Deliver a quality product that meets or exceeds our client expectations;
  • Develop staff to be company and industry leaders; and
  • Positioning our expertise to help shape regulations that are relevant to our clients.