Calibration Facilities

Charles M. Allen High Reynolds Number Facility

The Allen Facility includes a 200,000 gallon sump, which is heated by a large capacity boiler.  As kinematic viscosity is a strong function of water temperature, the Allen Facility achieves relatively high test Reynolds numbers by heating the water.  Three weigh tanks are available to all test lines in the Allen Facility, with 100,000 lb; 10,000 lb; and 1,000 lb capacities.

A high capacity line accommodates equipment up to 36 inches in diameter with a maximum length of 72 ft. Runout flow is approximately 20,000 gpm with a shutoff head of 60 psi. A second, higher head line supplies about 5,000 gpm at runout with a shutoff head of 135 psi. The third test line includes a high head pump, 300 psi at shutoff, with a capacity of 450 gpm at runout. The second and third test lines can accommodate equipment sizes from fractional inches to about 8 inches in diameter, with a maximum length of 70 ft.   A fourth high pressure test line is also available with a maximum flow of 150 gpm at 1300 psi . 

Leslie Hooper Low Reynolds Number Facility

Alden's original flow calibration facility, constructed over 100 years ago, still operates as the Hooper Facility.  Flow is supplied from a 150-acre reservoir through a 40-inch penstock, which provides a static head of 15 to 28 ft. depending on test line location. Water temperature varies seasonally from 32° to 75°F. Because of the the low noise gravity feed capability, the facility enables low differential pressure measurements for low Reynolds number testing.  Lines 1 and 2 are for equipment up to 16 inch diameter with flows up to 6,000 gpm provided by a 250 HP booster pump and a 50,000 lb capacity weight tank.  Line 3 includes an ASME stainless steel Venturi as a secondary standard to accommodate meters up to 60 inch diameters with flows up to 35,000 gpm at a total head of 28 ft.  Line 4 accommodates equipment to 8 inch diameters with flows of 1,200 gpm utilizing two 25 HP booster pumps with 1,000 and 10,000 weigh tanks.