Environmental Testing Facilities

Alden has several large buildings housing a wide array of environmental hydraulic and fisheries test facilities. Testing facilities specifically designed for evaluating fish passage and protection technologies have been in operation at Alden since the early 1970s. Test facilities can be built or modified to accommodate any condition needed.

Large Test Flume

Our large test flume, with a 20 X 10 X 80 ft. test section, is a closed-loop system with pumps and variable speed drives that provide a 3 ft/s continuous velocity at a maximum volumetric flow of 500 cfs. The width can be customized to increase the test section velocity up to about 10 ft/s.  The facility includes a state-of-the-art fish holding facility for evaluations of biological impacts; an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP); velocity meters; a 100-ton chiller; an advanced water filtration system; and a ten ton hoisting capacity.

Secondary Test Flume

Our secondary test flume is a closed loop system with a 6 ft wide by 7 ft deep test section and has a maximum flow capacity of 120 cfs. Depending on water depth, flow velocities up to about 3 - 6 ft/sec can be achieved. The downstream end is wider and deeper than the main channel, and a separate side channel provides additional space for installation of more than one test apparatus at any given time. Smaller tanks and customizable test systems are also available.