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Alden offers a breadth and scope of services not typically found in one location.  Conceptual design, detailed design, biological/fisheries studies, analytical modeling, CFD, field measurements, physical modeling, precision flow meter calibrations, and field testing are all available.

Situated on 32 acres, Alden has over 100,000 square feet of enclosed space available for physical water and air models, fish testing flumes and basins, and dedicated computers for CFD simulations. Approximately twenty buildings are equipped with flow supplies and control offices for conducting hydraulic modeling, fish testing, air/gas flow modeling, and numerous other types of flow testing. Fully equipped and staffed carpentry, machine, and instrumentation shops provide rapid and efficient project support. These in-house shops permit use of informal model drawings and allow close interaction with crafts personnel to improve construction methods. Fixed facilities providing water flow and an inventory of movable flow-related equipment are located on the premises (e.g., pumps, valves, meter devices, fish screens).

Our separate air facilities provide a wide range of flows for studies involving wet stacks, air heaters, baghouses, and other components for the fossil power plant and air industries.

NEW: Testing Hydrokinetic Technologies at Alden

Alden's numerous test flumes, tanks, and support facilities are available to assist in developing and optimizing the performance of hydrokinetic equipment. Rotors that convert the kinetic energy of ocean currents, tides, and rivers to mechanical or electric power without the need for dams are becoming the wave of the future in clean, renewable energy production. Alden is using its unique facilities to help developers test and improve their turbines, which can be done at full or pilot scale at velocities equal to those in the field. Our newest flume has a test section of 80x20x10 feet. The flume can produce a recirculating flow of up to 500 ft3/sec with twin axial flow pumps. Velocities up to approximately 10 ft/sec can be achieved with lateral guide walls to concentrate the flow. To inquire about testing your hydrokinetic technologies at Alden, please contact David Schowalter, or email

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