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Alden is an acclaimed leader in solving flow-related engineering and environmental problems. The firm provides physical and computational air, gas, and hydraulic modeling along with environmental engineering and flow meter calibration services. 

Founded in 1894, Alden is the oldest continuously operating hydraulic laboratory in the United States and one of the oldest in the world. From the early days of hydropower development and aviation, through World Wars I and II, and into the modern world defined by environmental needs, Alden has been a recognized leader in the field of fluid dynamics consulting.

In the 21st Century, Alden is a vibrant, growing organization consisting of engineers, scientists, biologists, and support staff. Much of our work supports the power generating, manufacturing, and process industries. Located in the hills of Holden, Massachusetts, we occupy 32 acres of land on which sit numerous offices, laboratory buildings, and support facilities. Our on-site instrumentation, carpentry, and machine shops provide the specialty fabrication and data acquisition systems needed to support our wide range of complex and multifaceted projects.

In Environmental and Engineering Services, we have over 30 years of experience in developing and evaluating innovative fish protection technologies and upstream and downstream fish passage facilities, as required by CWA §316(b) and the FERC licensing process. Our team of experts has provided international support in the development of screen technologies, hydrokinetic technologies, renewable energy projects, and debris management issues.

Alden provides independent Field Services to measure flow velocities, bathymetry, water quality, biological data, and sediment characteristics at industrial sites.

Alden is the largest independent supplier of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable Flow Meter Calibration Services in the country. With five test flow loops available, Alden can accommodate a large range of meter sizes from a fraction of an inch up to 36 inches.

Our Gas Flow Systems Engineering Services include both physical and computational modeling related to air pollution control systems for fossil fueled power plants, as well as fluid flow consulting for industrial, aerospace, and manufacturing clients. 

Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting Services have been performed at Alden since 1894 to solve flow problems for utilities, engineering firms, the federal government, and vendors of hydraulic equipment.  The addition of computational flow modeling to Alden's toolkit in 1996 has made us a recognized expert in using hybrid modeling to maximize value while minimizing project costs.


Alden's Mission


To be the recognized leader in solving flow-related engineering and environmental problems. We will accomplish this by:

  • Supporting the World’s environmental and energy future through independent evaluation and optimization of new and existing technologies;
  • Providing practical value-added solutions to industry and government agencies;
  • Delivering a quality product that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations;
  • Developing staff to be company and industry leaders; and 
  • Using our staff’s expertise to help shape regulations that are relevant to our clients.